Humidity Sensor

Humidity sensors are electronic devices that measure and report the moisture and air temperature of the surrounding environment where they are deployed e.g., in air, soil, or confined spaces. Humidity measurements indicate the amount of water vapor presented in the air.

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    • Humidity Sensor
    • Specifications
    • Specifications-: Measurement Principle - Capacitive Humidity Sensor. Measurement Range - 0-100% Rh Operating Temperature - -25°C to +85°C Operating Voltage - 8-32 VDC Current Consumption - 4-20mA (0 to 100% Rh) Temperature Sensor - Optional Pt-100/Pt-1000 Accuracy - <3% Rh Terminal Connectors - Soldering Terminals for Vcc, Analog out 4 to 20mA, Loop-through of Optional Temperature Sensor.