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Temperature Switches

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Pressure Gauges

Pressure Switches

Photo Optical Sensor

Optical sensors are integral parts of many common devices, like Computers, Photo-Copy Machines and Light Fixtures that turn on automatically in the dark. And also in alarm systems, synchros for photographic flashes and systems that can detect the presence of objects.

Proximity Sensor

The Proximity Sensors are commonly use in Industrial Automation for object detection, position, inspection, and counting, Part detection on industrial conveyor systems. also for Collision detection on robots.

Level Sensor

They are commonly used in applications like level monitoring in chemical, water treatment, savage treatment, food and beverages, battery industries and involving high pressure and temperature.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors are commonly used in the chemical industries, steam & boiler applications, oil & gas industry for the measurement and safety too.

Humidity Sensor

Humidity sensors are electronic devices that measure and report the moisture and air temperature of the surrounding environment where they are deployed e.g., in air, soil, or confined spaces. Humidity measurements indicate the amount of water vapor presented in the air.


Thermistors are used as temperature sensors in fire alarms, ovens and refrigerators, digital thermometers and in automotive applications to measurement of the temperature.

Temperature Gauges

The gauges are used to detect the pressure of various industrial systems and also pneumatic and hydraulic installations. Mostly these are use for the safety purpose.