Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

A temperature sensor is a device used to measure temperature. This can be air temperature, liquid temperature or the temperature of solid matter. The Temperature Transducers, Digital temperature Indicators/controllers, recorders, Transmitters, Scanners & Heaters manufactured by ‘YOG ELECTRO PROCESS PVT. LTD’  are of superior quality, having the latest technology and fully designed to the best fit the client process requirement, the excellence we have achieved is by continuously striving to provide the best and latest product to our client.

‘YOG ELECTRO PROCESS PVT. LTD’ has the expertise to determine what you need and develop the configuration that works best for your application. Let our experts assist you in choosing the right products for your application. Our experts are available to assist you with the right solutions for your application as well as answer any queries you might have about ‘YOG ELECTRO PROCESS PVT. LTD’ products. ‘YOG ELECTRO PROCESS PVT. LTD’ is fully equipped to offer you a full range of Temperature Transducers. You’ll find every style that suits you for your application, in different shapes and sizes, Details are hereunder.

Types of Thermocouples : ‘K’ ( Chromel – Alumel ), ‘J’ ( Iron -Constantan), ‘T’ ( Copper – Constantan ), ‘E’ ( Chromel-Constantan ), ‘R’ (Pt-Pt-13%=-Rh), ‘S’ (Pt-P-10%=-Rh), ‘B’ (Pt-13%=-Rh-Pt-6%-Rh) in Simplex, Duplex and Triplex.

Types of Resistance Temperature Detectors : Pt-50, Pt-100, Pt-500, Pt-1000, NI-100, Cu-2000 in Simplex, Duplex and Triplex.

Types of NTC : 

Types of Insulations: Ceramic Insulation and Mineral Insulation.

Types of Junctions: Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed Junction, Bare Junction.

Types of Sheaths: Mild Steel, SS-304, SS-316, SS-310, SS-446, Inconel-600, Inconel-800. titanium, Cast Iron, Nickel, Ceramic (610), Recrystlised Alumina (KER-710), etc.

Thermocouple- Transition Type    Thermocouple- Head Type

RTD- Transition Type    RTD- Head Type