Process Connection

1)High Temperature Sheath Specifications-: We offer an extensive range of Special Sheaths (SS304, SS316, SS310, SS446/ Inconel 600/ Inconel 800/ Mild Steel/ Ceramic Sheath/ RC Tube ). 2)Mounting Adaptors Specifications-: Weld-On Nipples: Process Connection DR, O-Ring PMC Original Flush-mount Design, DR, O-Ring 316L Stainless Steel Seal Versions : O-Ring, 1" and 1 ½" See "Tools" for Welding Mandrels for use on Flush-Mount Process Connections Weld-On Nipples: Process Connection PMC Original Flush-mount Design, Sanitary Seal 316L Stainless Steel, Titanium and Avesta 254 SMO.

Assorted Connectors

We can provide connectors with sensor as per your requirement like K Type, J Type, T Type connectors. & also RF, 3Pin, RTD connectors.

Compensating Cables

The joint of two dissimilar alloys producing a measurable electro-motive force that is predictable at a given temperature is thermocouple. Different thermocouple types (e.g. J, K, E, etc) use different mixtures of metals in the cable. We regularly manufacture different types of thermocouple compensating cables to meet specific operating requirements. Thermocouple cables create a low voltage signal and should not be run near power wires, motors, etc. In order to minimize noise pickup, a metal over braid or twisted shielded wire is used in the construct. For all types of T/C's with different conductor, sizes & insulating material in single pair & multipair like PVC, TEFLON, FIBREGLASS & ASBESTOS are available with & without metal braiding.

Ceramic Sheath

This ceramic sheath type thermocouple has a long service life, an improved temperature measuring responsibility and an improved temperature measuring precision, and enables repetitive use. The temperature measuring portion is coated with a cover film that is made of silicon carbide, silicon nitride or a composite of these, all having excellent heat resisting and corrosion resisting properties.

Assorted Thermowell

Thermowells are mainly used on detachable thermocouples and RTDs or on the facilities of high pressure for later installation of thermocouples and RTDs They are also used on thermocouples with double protecting tubes Applicable under the conditions of high pressure and temperature, high flowrate media.