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Yog Electro Process is one of the leading manufacturers of Temperature Transducers, Digital temperature Indicators/controllers, recorders, Transmitters, Scanners & Heaters. These devices play an important role in any process industry. Quick & Accurate measurement & control of process temperature will improve the quantity of product, reliability & reduce rejection.

We have been an established company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction since 1986. In that 35+ years, the Industries knows us for our Strong R&D, Good Business Ethics & Quality Products. We believe in keeping the customer happy and providing them with the best services at very comparative prices. We have a fully equipped quality control laboratory and in-house NABL LAB for Thermal Products (ISO/IEC: 17025:2017) and the scope is -20 Deg C to +1100 Deg C. We are always committed to providing better & innovative solutions for your requirements regarding Temperature Transducers, Digital temperature Indicators/controllers, recorders, Transmitters, Scanners & Heaters.



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In the journey of 35+ years, We serve our products to several industries like Automobile, Power Generation, Forging, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Steel, Petrochemical, Cement, Metal, Paper, Sugar & Distillery, Food Processing and so on...

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We have a dynamic team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers. Our team of dedicated and highly motivated individuals constantly endeavors to improve and innovate our product line so as to give maximum satisfaction to our end users.
As the leader in Process Industry, Yog Electro Process Pvt Ltd develops innovative products characterized by safety, quality, reliability, and high customer benefits. It is our mission to keep developing sustainable mobility concepts for the process industry and to achieve this we continuously expand our R&D activities in close collaboration with our customers by our Team.

Mr. Narendra J. Surve Technical Director Yog

Mr. Narendra J. Surve

Technical Director

Mr. Narendra J. Surve

With the core technology background having 35+ years of experience in the area of Product Design, Instrumentation, and Thermal Calibration.

Mr. Sudhir Kothe

Mr. Sudhir Kothe

Marketing & Business Development

Mr. Sudhir Kothe

I am taking the responsibility of The YOG to maintain the relations of the Clients & Vendors of the YOGs

Mr. Durgesh Pachkate Marketing Expert

Mr. Durgesh Pachkate

Marketing Expert & Business Development

Mr. Durgesh Pachkate

Hello, In Marketing & Business Development, My Expertise is CRM, Branding, Marketing, and Strategy design for the betterment of the