Years of Journey

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I started in 1986 with the aim of bringing quality products into the thermal industry. Which would meet the need for temperature mesurment equipment of many industries. And with this clean strategy in mind, we brought a small factory like Yog at the service of all.

  • Quality products
  • 100% Accuracy
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Building next-generation solutions to satisfy tomorrow’s needs industry.

The development of every product in the Yog Electro Process, We try to acquire 360-degree solutions for the Client.

Effective Industrial Team Work

Today we are one of the major manufacturers in the field of temperature measurement. If you are looking for enlightened solutions which offer good value for money, then we are just the right partner for you. Our products range from various models of standard thermal sensors, including all types of accessories, to individual tailor-made products, all of which meet the most diverse technical requirements.

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Our work is only good as our people. Meet the team who makes our products more successful.


How We Work

Our Work Process

We follow the key steps for successful development of our every product.


It is the phase of brainstorming when specialists gather requirements and analyze all the aspects of a special sensors product. Then team understands the clients’ requirements, namely, what exactly they want and what issues can occur in the manufacturing process. This stage involves communication between Operations Engineers, Design Engineers, and users.


Product design is the major aspect of the development cycle. focus on creative and clear design. It involves User Friendly, Minimalistic errors, quickly responsive, and high precision, and overall product design along with structure and simple design. Product designing uses many different strategies.


This is the critical phase. A lot of brains work for development and deliver the desired and quality product. Usually, we assign a team of engineers for a particular project. So everyone has their own responsibilities. finalized design, Latest Frameworks, Planned Manufacturing processes are the signs for the road to success used by our Experts.


Some of Our Appreciator Clients

In the journey of 35+ years, We serve our products to several industries like Automobile, Power Generation, Forging, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Steel, Petrochemical, Cement, Metal, Paper, Sugar & Distillery, Food Processing and so on...


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